ABOUT Well Make
Since Well Make first entered the pneumatic tool business in 1981, we have positioned ourselves as a purveyor of products featuring high quality tools and competitive prices better than any other regular vendors in Taiwan. Our effort and strength to focus on intensive research and development program has obtained the most advanced pneumatic tools for our customers in the last two decades.

When you work with Well Make Industrial Corp., you will be establishing a business relationship with a supplier that is fully integrated in the automotive tool supply chain locating in both Taiwan and China. As our clients, you will be accessing our service to obtain a valuable long-term performance for your customers through intensive sourcing, creative development, precision manufacturing, quality inspection and efficient shipment control. Well Make never stop to enhance its R&D skills to achieve higher level of product presentation and thus upgrading ourselves to co-operate with various clients.
Head Office Taipei, Taiwan
Branch Offices Tai-Chung, Taiwan , Ningbo and Dongguan, China, Hayward California USA, British Virgin Islands
Factory Ningbo, China
Shengang, Taiwan
Major Products Air Tools, Spray Guns, Special Auto-Tools, and Accessories
Main Export Markets U.S.A., Europe, Asia and South Africa
Registered Patents Over 50 patents including U.S.A., Germany and Taiwan 
Management & Information Systems
Meeting customer needs at Well Make simply means easy access and providing constant and accurate responses. Our highly trained in-house sales team, customer service staffs, R&D and manufacturing inspection engineers possess knowledgeable management experiences.
All operation including order entry, shipping/receiving and spare parts maintenance are computerized. Well Make is strived to provide the best service to fulfill customer's need, and building a reputation of full participation in detail and expedient service inquiries. Our commitment to customer service is also shown by the availability of product liability insurance for our own product lines.
Transform into a manufacture rather than just a trading company, the vision therefore became larger than ever. Vertically integrate Well Make to in-house manufacturing system  (superior ODM and QA services). But also a 20 year old trading company from Taiwan, consult the customers with most updated product information and latest needs in automotive industry.
Well Make is determined to maximize the value of customers'brand names by providing innovative OEM and procedural Quality services that meet emerging needs. Complete service that includes innovative OEM and procedural QA services. Your need is our priority, we are simply one company but with zero service limits.
Testing Equipments

We Believe: Quality determinants and test results are based on output over time, not just simultaneous numbers. Actual testing are also a requirement for all our QC when out inspecting the tools.

With more complex and advanced measure and testing equipments, we are able to precisely measure all the spare parts and components and therefore maximize the tool performance.




Well Make Industry Co., LTD.
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